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PRP Hair Loss Therapy in Houston, TX

PRP Hair Loss Therapy is a groundbreaking non-surgical solution to safely and naturally restore hair loss after experiencing hair loss due to aging or other hair loss conditions. Trust the experienced and highly qualified hair loss doctors at Apollo for all of your hair restoration needs.

What is PRP for Hair Loss?

PRP therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for hair loss, is a groundbreaking treatment that involves using a patient’s own blood to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. PRP contains special cells called Platelets that can stimulate inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase. These platelets are packed with your own growth factors that, conceivably, could have a positive impact on hair growth.

How does a PRP Hair Treatment Work?

PRP hair loss therapy begins by taking platelet rich plasma from your body. It will then be injected into the scalp to stimulate natural hair growth.

PRP hair restoration therapy is non-surgical and will be done discreetly, and you can use it alone or pair it with other procedures such as transplants.

Is it safe?

You may be hesitant to get PRP hair treatment since it’s relatively new. However, PRP has been used since the 1980s for different types of treatments. Studies have noted that PRP has been found to have a positive effect on hair growth without major adverse side effects. Because PRP is obtained from a patient’s own blood, PRP is considered to be a safe treatment for hair loss.

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