Hair Restoration

Hair restoration with the finest quality human hair pieces and wigs for men

Apollo provides the most innovative non-surgical “Derma-graph” hair replacement systems available for men. Most importantly, they are NOT your Father’s TOUPEE but the most modern and NATURAL looking non-surgical hair restoration methods offered today.

Our men's wigs and hairpieces are thin, and made with a flexible skin like membrane that appears to be your own scalp. We use the finest European human hair available in our “Derma-graph” hairpieces. The base construction feels natural to the touch and invisible to the eye. It is literally undetectable to the human touch.

This non-surgical hair restoration procedure starts with an Apollo technician taking a sample of your hair for texture and color. Then, a molding of the area to be covered is made. And finally, a customized hairpiece is constructed for you.
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Apollo’s Non-Surgical Hair Restoration System Provides the Following Advantages:

  • Provides a natural looking head of hair
  • We back our hair pieces with impeccable service
  • No daily maintenance
  • Can create short, close to the scalp hairstyles that are nothing like old style toupees
  • 35 Years serving Houston, TX
  • Finest quality European human hair for the best looks available
  • Monthly programs make it affordable

Our non-surgical hair replacement procedure is a safe and effective way for men to feel confident in the way their hair looks and feels. We guarantee it…
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