My New Hair – Testimonial from Mark

Well my experience with Apollo Image Enhancement Center was fantastic. I got my new hair system. It was available in just 3 days and I can’t believe how natural it looks. My friends have noted something different about me but they ask if I’ve lost weight or have been working out? I just tell them yes, and smile knowingly.

The experience took about an hour and a half. Since I am very active and work out a lot my stylist put me in the hair replacement system that fits my lifestyle. I will go back and have her give me a haircut, remove the system,  clean it, and reapply in about 2 weeks. My hair is attached to my head with a special adhesive that allows me to swim and do anything I want. Truly amazing!!

Since I get my hair cut every 2 weeks anyway it’s really no big deal. I had no idea how great this would make me feel. My confidence has increased exponentially! And to think I was afraid to do it!! Live and learn. More later about how my two weeks of great hair went!