A month later…..

Well, “great” hair is an understatement.  I’m really very happy.  It took some “training” to get the style as I wanted it.  By training, I mean I had to work with my new hair to get it styled perfectly like I like it.  It wasn’t hard to do.

Since my new hair is actual human hair, I can use mousse, a finishing spray, or whatever is in fashion for the style.  Or I could leave it natural, but I prefer to have some manageability to it so it stays in place.

My stylist at Apollo cut my replacement hair a little longer on the sides and back at first to get me used to it.  She said we can always cut more off, we can’t put it back. I had to laugh. Now a month into my new hair, she trimmed it and actually  looks like I got a shorter haircut.

Well, that’s it for now. I can’t imagine why it took me this long to make a life changing decision.  I cannot imagine myself WITHOUT hair anymore.  I’m throwing away old pictures of me.  LOL  Thank you Apollo!!!