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Laser Hair Restoration in Houston

Apollo Image Enhancement Center provides Laser Hair Loss Treatments or “LHT” for an affordable and painless hair loss treatment that restores lost hair and eliminates excessive hair loss.

So how does laser hair therapy work?

LHT uses cold lasers which increases blood flow at the scalp level by up to 55% in just a few short uses. Our medically directed program attacks all of the main attributes that cause hair loss. Apollo focuses on levels of DHT, vitamin and nutritional intake, as well as, sebum production in the hair follicle which can lead to hair loss. The LHT laser uses no thermal component so there is no concern of burning or damaging the scalp. The laser which is used is considered a class III cosmetic device, which has been cleared safe for cosmetic use.

The advantages of LHT Treatments are as follows:

  • In 85% of our participants we have stopped excessive hair loss (expected hair loss is 80-120 hairs per day)
  • Regulates oil gland activity alleviating dry or oily scalp conditions
  • Improves blood flow at the scalp level by up to 55% in just a few short uses
  • Can improve volume of hair by up to 20%
  • Can help relieve itchy scalp conditions
  • It’s a safe, painless and effective procedure


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