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Not Your Fathers Hair Piece?

Have you given some thought as to last time you were able to run your fingers through your hair? Well now you can do that once again and your hair can look even better than it did before. Our Derma-Graph non-surgical hair replacement method is not nearly as costly as having a hair transplant procedure done, then having to wait 9-12 months just to see the results. This process can give you an amazing head of hair in as little as one day. We guarantee you will be able to brush it, style it, swim, and work out and always look your best! With our state of the art hair systems, we can gradually increase the amount of hair you have until we get you to the fullness that you desire.

"Losing your hair can be scary... But it doesn't have to be"

The Apollo Non-surgical Hair Restoration Process

Apollo will help you achieve this natural look by using our latest technology called Derma-graph non-surgical hair replacement. During your complimentary consultation, one of our hair replacement specialists will do a scalp analysis of the hair loss area. This examination will help us determine the area that needs to be addressed by our Derma-graph process. With the information that you provide us such as where you work, indoor and outdoor activities, we will determine which process will work best for you. This is the latest and most high tech form of non-surgical hair replacement available and will help you achieve the head of hair that you have always desired. This customized solution is designed to fit you and your lifestyle!

How Much Maintenance Is Required?

Once your hair has been replaced (according to the transdermal seal process our experts have chosen for you), you will be asked to come in for a checkup visit so that we may answer any questions that you might have or make any adjustments that may be needed. Once this checkup visit is performed, you will need to come in for a hair-cut and scalp maintenance every 2 – 4 weeks depending on your skin type. Our staff will also provide you with a customized product list that will help you maintain your natural look.

What Makes Us Stand Apart?

Exceptional service is what makes Apollo stand apart from the rest of the industry. With 40 years of experience serving Houston, we understand the little things that help our clients feel confident in the way their hair looks. By using only the finest human hair in the world and backing it up with impeccable service, we help all our clients regain a natural looking head of hair and always look their best.

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