How Apollo Perfected the Men’s Toupee

Men's Toupee

How Apollo Perfected the Men’s Toupee

You know the classic saying “look good feel good”.  Everybody has heard that phrase before and for good reason.  It’s true. Too often people are self-conscious of their image, but they usually have control over their appearance.  You can change your clothes, eat healthier and work out, or use makeup. But you cannot always control hair loss.  Hair loss is not something that can be easily covered up or hidden unless you want to live the rest of your life underneath a hat.  There are steps that can be taken to slow down hair loss or stop the process after it has already started, but what if you want a full head of hair again?  Something that you can get cut and style how you want to like you were able to do when you were younger?  The men’s toupee has recently been completely redesigned to give men a permanent solution to regaining their confidence.

What is a Toupee?

A toupee is a hairpiece or a partial wig made of either human hair or synthetic hair that is used to cover up a bald spot.  Toupees and hair pieces are moving away from using synthetic hair as the human hair toupee is becoming increasingly more common.  Toupees are one of the most effective and common methods that men use for covering a bald spot or to counteract male pattern baldness.  They are also the only immediate solution to hair loss.

Unfortunately, toupees in the past were so noticeable and obvious that they were given a bad reputation. It was to the point that men would have rather picked up a razor and shaved their head.  But now? In the hair replacement industry today you will never the notice good work.  You only see the methods that are stuck in the ways of the past.  More men are using hair systems than ever before, and more than likely you interact with many of them every day and don’t even recognize it.

So what has changed the quality of men’s toupee hair?

As time goes on, technology evolves.  Toupees aren’t what they used to be. New hair designs have completely changed the industry and the stigma associated with the toupee hairpiece.  Apollo Image Enhancement Center in Houston, Texas has introduced the Derma-Graph solution for hair loss.

The Derma-Graph Solution

The Derma-Graph solution is an all-natural solution made of real European human hair.  It is fully customized to blend with your existing hair to meet your individual needs and desires.  What makes this quality of hair so fine and considered to be the best in the industry is that it is undetectable to the human touch and uses a thin, skin-like membrane that appears to be your own scalp.  Your friends, family, and colleagues won’t be able to tell unless you tell them. What they will notice is your new customized hairstyle and boost in confidence. This is not your father’s hairpiece, it’s the hair replacement system of the future.

Leonard Ventimiglia, the President of Apollo, said this of the evolution of the hair industry: “Growing up in the hair replacement industry and making it my life career, I have personally seen the evolution of the men’s toupee/hairpiece.  When I was a kid in the 70s these toupees had thick bases and a ton of synthetic hair in them. Over the years I have seen this technology evolve into the most natural non-surgical solution available. By incorporating french lace and thin skin technologies, Apollo has created the Derma Graph solution that replaces the exact hair loss pattern that you are experiencing.  Combining this technology with the finest quality human hair available, we can create the most natural the most natural look possible.”

Schedule Your Free Scalp Evaluation & Consultation

If you are experiencing hair loss and want to make a change, now is the time.  Get a full head of hair that is designed to fit your lifestyle. Schedule your free scalp evaluation and consultation at Apollo simply by clicking this link or calling 877-GET-HAIR.  To find which solution would be best for you, take our free hair assessment quiz here. We also offer financing plans to help fit into your budget. Apollo has been serving the Houston area for over 40 years and takes pride in our reputation.  The consultation is free, the scalp evaluation is free, so what do you have to lose? Give yourself permission to change your appearance and restore your confidence today.

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