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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Between Hair Transplant Surgery and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement


Do you prefer surgery or a non-invasive procedure?

Not all people are candidates for a surgical procedure. Hair transplant surgery can be painful or uncomfortable and require longer recovery time than non-surgical hair restoration. A high risk of getting complications such as infections is high because of the invasive nature of surgical hair replacement methods.


What’s best for your budget? (Spending $100’s vs. $1,000’s)

One big factor when making a choice between hair transplants and non-surgical hair restoration is the cost. There is a big difference between the two; spending hundreds compared to thousands. The cost of hair transplant surgery will run you anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 depending on the amount of hair that is to be replaced.


When do you want results? (Instant vs. Gradual)

Although both procedures yield great success, another factor to consider is how long the results take to show. On average, hair transplants take about a year to fully show. With non-surgical hair replacement, there is no waiting time. While some men would not mind gradual results, others prefer results right away.


What are the long term pros and cons?

Think long term when making a decision about hair restoration. While a hair transplant might appear to be a sound choice, you may be disappointed when you are left with visible permanent scarring. You should also take into consideration that further balding may cause unevenness in your hair requiring additional transplant surgeries.

Busting The Myth

MYTH: Although hair transplant surgery is expensive, you only need to have the procedure once
TRUTH: Most patients require multiple transplants over their lifetime after further balding or unevenness in hair

MYTH: A hair transplant cost more than non-surgical replacements because it’s undetectable
TRUTH: Hair transplants can leave visible, permanent scaring and the risk of getting infections is high

MYTH: Non-surgical hair replacement procedures never look natural
TRUTH: By using human hair, a non-surgical procedure can provide you with the authentic look and feel of great hair

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