Hair Care for Winter

Winter Hair Care

Winter weather can be very harsh on your hair.  Whether your hair is replaced or not, proper hair care is important for your hair and scalp.  Dry frizz, static electricity and product buildup can all occur during the winter months.  “Leave-in” conditioners from the Pro-gen line (Nutrifuse) are very effective in conditioning and controlling during the winter.

For dry hair, it is recommended to use a rich moisturizing conditioner with a few key ingredients.  Fatty acids and humectants are best for moisturizing the hair as they attract and help hold moisture in the hair.  A product from Mediceuticals called X-Derma works well for this condition.

Product build up can be problematic and make your hair dull and unmanageable.  Product build-up can also lead to dandruff and even bacterial or fungal infections.  A product from Mediceuticals called X-Folate works best for dandruff or psoriasis.

If your hair is replaced, it is vital to nourish your hair not only during the winter but all year long.  Since the hair is not growing from the scalp, nourishing and conditioning the hair using the proper products will keep your hair in good condition and keep you looking your best.