Ever Wonder How a Hair System Works?

Gone are the days of the bulky, wiggy looking toupees, or at least it should be! We all have seen men in public that have an obvious toupee!  SAD SAD SAD.

At Apollo Image Enhancement Center we use state of the art hair replacement systems, termed “derma-grafts”.  Our grafts can adhere to your head via a surgical grade polymer bond that will last in place up to 2 weeks or longer.  The graft is specially designed for each individual and is cut in to blend into each individual’s existing hair for the most natural look available.  Each individual can go about their daily lives as normal.  All activities such as showering, swimming, and working out can be achieved with our virtual invisible hair replacement systems.

Making a change may seem daunting to men and their hair loss.  It may seem difficult to embrace change but it is NOT impossible.  Do not miss out on the chance to better your appearance while improving your self-confidence.  Book a complimentary private consultation today!