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Men’s Hair Loss: So What is Causing Me to Lose My Hair?

Men’s hair loss affects the majority of men at some point in their life. Were you aware that approximately 95% of men that have experienced hair loss have done so because of androgenetic alopecia, also known as Male Pattern Baldness? This type of hair loss is typically characterized by the recession of the hairline, and or at the top of the scalp. As the hair loss progresses, these two balding areas may meet in the middle to create a large bald pattern.

So what causes this type of hair loss in men? And why has it happened to me?

Well, the main cause of hair loss in men is due to an abundance of DHT (Di-hydrotesterone), a sex hormone that is derived from the testosterone produced in the man’s body. DHT promotes the growth of facial and body hair; however, it’s the main cause of hair loss on the top of the scalp.

In essence, DHT causes paralysis in the hair follicle and miniaturizes it. This causes the new hair growth to be finer and thinner and eventually, the follicle will become completely dormant and stop making new hairs altogether.

If you are in the beginning stages of hair loss, there are a few ways to stop DHT from attacking the hair follicle. Early intervention is key. There are many non-invasive treatments such as prescription and over the counter medications which can impede the production of DHT in the body.

It’s never too early to prevent hair loss.

Our team of experts can meet with you in a private setting and discuss your options. Most men are surprised at how undetectable our hair treatments are. Whether you are looking to preserve the hair you have left, or want to restore hair you’ve lost, we’ve got solutions.

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