Teamed with Dr. Carlos Puig, Apollo offers the most state of the art hair transplants available. Dr. Carlos Puig, of Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) has over three decades of leadership in the field of hair restoration and transplants. He has worked continuously, developing techniques and quality control to enhance your natural appearance through the use of hair restoration. He realizes that this hair will grow for the rest of your life and has been extremely careful in not only choosing people but also training hair transplant technicians who are technically adept, and artistically gifted.

Even with our years of experience, we are constantly on the cutting edge of the latest hair transplant technologies. When you combine our artistic skills, technological experience and our caring and understanding staff, you begin to get a better insight as to why PHRC is not only the right place, but the perfect place for your hair restoration procedure.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Surgical Hair Restoration has certainly evolved from “plug” grafts to using Follicular Unit Grafts to improve the fullness and natural look of a full set of hair. FUE is when the follicle is extracted directly from the scalp as where in the traditional transplants, the follicles are extracted from a strip in the donor area that has already been removed from the scalp.  In the FUE procedure, the doctor will use a small donor harvest tool that will make a round incision in the skin to extract the entire hair follicle from the scalp. These small openings in the donor area should heal in a few days leaving minimal scarring. Some of the disadvantages of FUE are the requirement of an almost complete donor head shave for large FUE cases and  in some cases the donor area can become ‘thinned out’ due to over harvest and lowering of the follicular density.

  • Take your time, have all your questions answered, and make sure you feel comfortable with the proposed treatment plan, results you’ll achieve, and the people who will be working with you.
  • Understand your specific procedural strengths and limitations length of time it will take, density that can be achieved, relative size of your donor and recipient areas.
  • Make sure you see numerous “before and after photos” of all types of hair and styles. Ask about evaluations from previous patients on post-operative reactions…they should be documented and complications should be rare and easily healed.

Price…what you pay is determined by the size and complexity of your agreed upon treatment plan. Your hair transplant is an important once in a lifetime investment. In hair transplantation, as with any surgery, the experience of the surgical team helps to minimize the patient’s risk. When you work with this formula, the lowest price is not what you’re searching for…It is the ultimate result. . The number of hair transplant procedures you need will be determined by what you wish to achieve.


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