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Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy consists of low level lasers that don’t have a thermal ability to cut, burn, or vaporize tissue. Studies show that it helps stop hair loss in 80% of the cases and even thicken or regrow hair in 40% of them. LLHT stimulates the hair follicles and increases cell metabolism. Our LLHT program […]

Apollo’s Team Strives to Help You Achieve Your Desired Look

  We strive to achieve the best results for our clients and deliver only the best customer service.  Our company is composed of a group of highly trained and experienced hair professionals. With 45 years of combined experience behind them the sky is the limit with what look can be achieved for you! Meet our […]

The Truth about “Hairpieces”!

Most people often think that a wearing hairpiece can be very obvious. With the latest technology that is not true. This form of non-surgical hair replacement has significantly advanced in the past decade making them completely undetectable.  There are many different types of “hair systems” to choose from today. Apollo calls this method of hair […]