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Ever Wonder How a Hair System Works?

Gone are the days of the bulky, wiggy looking toupees, or at least it should be! We all have seen men in public that have an obvious toupee!  SAD SAD SAD.. At Apollo Image Enhancement Center we use state of the art hair replacement systems, termed “derma-grafts”.  Our grafts can be adhered to your head […]

Melanoma Awareness Month

May is Melanoma/ Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer which develops in the cells that produce melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. The exact cause of melanoma is not clear but exposure to sunlight, tanning beds; ultraviolet radiation etc. increases the risk of developing […]

Hair Care for Winter

Winter weather can be very harsh on your hair.  Whether your hair is replaced or not, proper hair care is important for your hair and scalp.  Dry frizz, static electricity and product buildup can all occur during the winter months.  “Leave-in” conditioners from the Pro-gen line (Nutrifuse) are very effective in conditioning and controlling during […]

Psychological/Physiological Effects of Hair loss

It has been widely reported that hair loss can affect your self- esteem and most possibly one’s success in life.  Hair plays a significant role in determining some social perceptions, physiological  functioning and determining self-image. Studies in approximately 5 European countries were conducted on the impact of hair loss.  The study was performed in a […]

A month later…..

Well, “great” hair is an understatement.  I’m really very happy.  It took some “training” to get the style as I wanted it.  By training, I mean I had to work with my new hair to get it styled perfectly like I like it.  It wasn’t hard to do. Since my new hair is actual human […]

My New Hair – Testimonial from Mark

Well my experience with Apollo Image Enhancement Center was fantastic. I got my new hair system. It was available in just 3 days and I can’t believe how natural it looks. My friends have noted something different about me but they ask if I’ve lost weight or have been working out? I just tell them […]

My New Experience…

I have been concerned about my hair loss for quite some time. I’m 33 years old and my hair has been thinning since my twenties.  I’ve tried all the potions, tonics, minoxidil’s etc. that there is out there. Nothing has worked.  I feel as if my self- confidence has sunk to an all- time low.  […]

Hair Transplants or Hair Replacement?

Ever wondered what form or hair restoration is right for you? Are you a better candidate for hair transplants or would a non-surgical hair replacement be a better solution for your hair loss? They are both very different solutions to hair loss. If you’re thinking about hair transplants you must know that you have to […]

Can Topical Products Stop My Hair Loss?

Over half of all men and women are affected by thinning hair at some point in their lives. There are many things that can be done to treat thinning hair such as eating more protein, taking hair growth supplements, or even getting hair transplants. Over the counter topical hair re-growth or thickening products are also […]

Why Men Lose Their Hair and What They Can Do About It

So, have you been affected by hair loss and not sure what you can do about it? Well, you are not alone. By the age of 30 just about 30% of men are going to experience some degree of hair loss. Researchers say that just about 70% of all males will experience some form of […]